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 July 2011         Ian Chiu

Flight simulators are very popular and draw a hardcore crowd who want as realistic experience as possible. So we have always found it interesting that while the Cessna Skyhawk is probably the most popular small single engine plane ever (or at least based on sales of the Skyhawk), you could never buy PC controls that replicated the experience of flying one. It seems that a manufacturer has finally clued into this overlooked market. To be more precise, Mad Catz has just announced the Saitek PRO Flight Cessna flight sim control line of peripherals.

This line of peripherals consists of four parts, all of which are modeled after the Cessna Skyhawk 172. Mad Catz ensures that they are as realistic as you can get without actually ripping the real things from a Skyhawk. In fact, Mad Cats states that you could even use their Cessna line as the basis for flight training for real Cessna pilot students. The main device, of course, is an exact replicate of the control yoke. A yoke is all well and fine but without rudder pedals, you are not going to get very far; so of course, the pedals are also included as part of the package.

The last two are trim controller and switch panel. The last of which will allow you to control your landing gear, engine power, landing lights and 11 other important aircraft functions from one compact unit. The entire four piece PRO Flight Cessna Bundle set is retailing for $449.99 which is actually pretty reasonable all things considered.

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