There are USB devices on the market for just about everything. From USB missile launchers for waging war on your coworkers to data storage and security devices that many of us rely upon to keep our data safe and available, there is seemingly no end to what you can do with a humble USB port.

Below are four USB medical devices that could significantly benefit your health, whether you use them at home or while traveling.

Medical Alert Systems

Medical alert systems are potentially lifesaving devices for any patients at risk of sudden health episodes, such as seizures, or who have limited mobility and could find themselves stranded. These systems consist of a wearable button, usually a watch or necklace, and a hub that connects to the provider’s network. Discover more here and see some examples of what these systems typically look like.

If the patient suffers a health episode and needs assistance, they press the button and an alarm triggers. This alarm sends a signal to the operators, who can dispatch medical assistance. Many of these devices now have cellular data connections, meaning they will work outside the home as well.

For many senior citizens, medical alert systems have enabled them to retain their independence and forego a full-time live-in carer’s services. The work that carers do is essential, but not everyone is comfortable with the privacy implications of having a healthcare worker with them 24/7. Medical alert systems are relatively simple devices, but they can make an enormous difference in patients’ lives.

Compact Air Pollution Monitor

Many people vastly underestimate the health impacts of air pollution. However, for people who suffer from allergies or are particularly sensitive to pollutants in the air, ignorance is a luxury they don’t have. Exposure to air pollution can trigger conditions like asthma in some people. According to Ecowatch, between 90,000 and 360,000 Americans die every year due to air pollution. It is one of the biggest environmental killers in the world.

Air pollution is insidious because it’s invisible, although anyone who has seen the difference that a power wash makes to a New York brownstone will appreciate how much pollution hangs in the air of the most crowded urban environments.

For the people most sensitive to air quality and the presence of pollutants, a portable monitor can make an enormous difference. A compact USB air pollution monitor enables frequent travellers to monitor the air quality wherever they go. USB charging means you never have to worry about running out of power, as long as you have your laptop handy. The device also links with a free mobile app and can send you alerts when detecting certain pollutants or other air conditions.

Personal Travel Humidifier

Just as some people are susceptible to pollutants in the air, other people are sensitive to humidity. Humidity is a measure of how much moisture is in the air. When the humidity is low and the air is dry, some people can suffer as a result. Similarly, an overly-humid environment can exacerbate health issues for other people; overusing a humidifier can negatively affect your health, but when used correctly, humidifiers enable you to maintain ideal humidity in your room, wherever you might be.

Humidity in the air provides a natural moisturizer. Without it, the skin and airways can become dry. A portable humidifier can help with any of the following conditions either at home or on the road:

– Persistent dry cough
– Dry skin
– Dry throat
– Cracked lips
– Bloody noses
– Sinus congestion and headaches

If you are prone to any of these conditions, a portable humidifier could be one of the best investments you ever make in your health. For many people, these conditions tend to occur at specific times of the year. For some people, it is the cold winter air that sets them off. Other people struggle in the summer when air conditioning can make the air dry.

Engraved USB Dog Tag ID

There are several medical conditions and other information that some patients need to make clear to healthcare providers. For example, if you are allergic to morphine and are in a traumatic accident, the EMTs need to know not to give you morphine. Similarly, someone taking a medication like buprenorphine will need a different dose of morphine to most people.

An engraved USB Dog Tag ID is a discreet accessory that could potentially save your life. As well as having your name and vital information engraved on the dog tag, it also contains a 2GB USB flash drive. You can store digital medical records and other important information and files on this flash drive, so you have them wherever you go.

These are just some of the potentially life-saving USB medical devices available. Every year, the market is expanding, and new products are emerging. Whatever your health needs are, there is bound to be a product available to help you manage.