17 October 2013, Comments: 0

 October 2013         Anthony Garland

USB speakers allow for a quick, painless way to get room filling sound from either a PC or Mac. Unfortunately, one drawback is that most are meant for connecting to PC or Mac and not the typical smartphone or tablets. For mobile devices, you usually have to buy a set of Bluetooth speakers. And in the case of iPad and iPhone, you would probably opt for AirPlay-compatible speakers. If wireless option isn’t a must, then the new Cubik HD by Palo Alto has you covered regardless of what device you have.

You see, the Cubik speakers have dual connectivity ports: a standard Type-A USB for PCs or Macs and a second mini-B USB port for digital USB audio streaming from your Galaxy smartphones (i.e. S3, S4 & Note 2) or iOS-devices.  Of course, having 2 USB ports is only half the equation to getting true universal compatibility. The other half is being a driverless solution. Instead of having to install drivers and on each and every device, the Cubik HD has a true DAP which takes in a raw (up to) 24-bit 96kHz PCM stream and then does the necessary conversion onboard via a PULSUS PS8535-based controller.

Add in 2 high quality Denmark-designed Peerless speakers tilted so as to deliver room filling sound, and the Cubik HD might turn out to be a very promising speaker set in a downright small package. If this sounds like your next purchase, the Cubik HD is available at most online e-tailers and goes for a fairly reasonable – for its class – $199.