8 February 2014, Comments: Comments Off on Thermaltake Level 10 M Gaming Mouse Goes Hybrid

 February 2014         Anthony Garland

This year’s CES was – as usual – a cornucopia of consumer goods but at the Thermaltake booth, one item did catch our eye: the Tt eSports Level 10 M Hybrid mouse. Like its silbing, the new model uses an all-aluminum chassis with the same open space architectural design which allows this exotic-looking mouse to be lightweight, robust and yet still have excellent ventilation properties – all of which are important to hardcore PC gaming enthusiasts. It is also adjustable for both height and angle pitch, making it equally customizable as with the original.

Internally, the Level 10 M Hybrid relies upon an 8200-dpi laser sensor and comes with 128KB of on-board memory for multiple custom button profiles and custom macros. These features are fairly typical and while slightly refined over the previous 10 M what really separates this mouse from its predecessor is that this is both a wired and wireless mouse.

The front ‘nose cone’ houses a 15-hour rated rechargeable battery and inside the chassis resides a 5.8GHz-capable wireless radio which can communicate with the combo battery charger / base station at up to 10 meters. Better still is the fact that this spectrum avoids the heavy traffic and interference coming from the rest of 2.4 or 5Ghz devices; thus, allowing for greatly reduced lag. Taken as a whole, this sounds like one marvelous mouse, though we would not want to be in the shoes of anyone who just purchased the older 10 M. Expect it to hit shelves in the near future with an asking price of about $100.

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