6 July 2012, Comments: 0

 July 2012         Ian Chiu

Everyone has different preferences for flash drives. Some just couldn’t have enough speed and opt for the fastest while others always go for themed flash drives that are popular among fans of Star WarsAvengersLady GagaBruce Lee and etc. Bimmer fans, on the other hand, will find this thumbdrive disguised as a M-style vehicle key replica appealing.

This particular drive from none other than BMW contains 8GB flash memory, and its M’s signature carbon fiber design and BMW logo doming that will make a lasting impression. To retract or extend the USB connector, you simply press the trunk release button. So, there’s no cap to lose. All other buttons however are there just for decorative purpose only. Also bundled with the drive is a long lanyard and an extra USB extension cable.

We wonder why BMW still hasn’t given out these in auto shows because everyone carrying one in his keychain can at least pretend he has a M3 or M5. But if you want to get one for yourself, it’s only $38.