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 May 2016         Ian Chiu

Avengers 3D Lamps (2016)

These Marvel character-inspired USB-powered lamps from Infothink are genuinely impressive.  Each one is comprised of a trio of light guide plates that create a nice 3D illusion when stacked together.  You also get three different lighting options: all out, slow glowing and special mode.

All of them are quite well thought out.  The Iron Man, Thor and Captain America version are modeled after their trademark armored helmet, Mjolnir hammer and vibranium shield respectively.  Similarly, the Hulk version is in the form of beast’s fist and Doctor Strange’s circular disk reminds us of his signature magical shield.  Their size – 8″ high by 6″ wide for the Iron Man – hits a sweet spot but that depends on how much desktop estate you have at disposal.

Cap’s Choice of USB Fan (2016)

The Cap doesn’t do desk jobs. So it’s hard to imagine the patriotic superhero, who has now gone rogue, has his own branded desktop USB fan.  We can see why after laying eyes on the Infothink’s.  This officially licensed fan shows great attention to details.  It also gives you a nostalgic feel as the design shares some similarities with an old-fashioned metal fan.

The three blades have been spray painted so that the image of Cap’s shield appears when the fan is turned on.  Additionally, a multi-angle adjustable steel stand and a three-speed fan control make sure you enjoy a refreshing – albeit somewhat weak – breeze.

It will be two years before we see Captain Rogers again (hopefully not for the last time) in Avengers: Infinity War.  Die-hard fans who miss him already may want to grab this USB fan.

Cap’s Choice of Power Bank (2014)

As superheroes tend to be always on the go, they need a power bank every now and then to recharge their mobile devices. Given the Cap’s fashion sense, we doubt he would settle for anything less than this juice pack from DGPower.

For a themed portable battery, we would say it is quite featured-packed. The 4-inch shield-shaped juice pack in its hardened aluminum casing offers 6800mAh capacity. It should be enough juice to fully recharge an iPhone 6 from empty to full twice. There are two USB ports onboard. One of them has a maximum output of 2.1A while the other can charge at 1A.

Vibranium USB-C Shield (2016)

The third generation of Infothink’s Captain America flash drive continues to be modeled after the Cap’s signature shield. From the looks of it, the circular drive now has a slimmer profile and more refined details. It has also received a better paint job in the familiar red, white and blue pattern.

As Vibranium is impossible to come by, the Taiwanese gadgetry maker opts for Zinc alloy as a viable alternative to the rare metal. There’s even a battle-damaged version with claw scratches on the shield inflicted by none other than Black Panther.

USB-C is introduced for the first time to this line-up as a future-proof feature, and there’s a regular USB 3.0 Type-A for speedy file transfer (up to 120MB/s). The drive is tethered to a retractable cable that is attached to the back of the shield. This design is in contrast to the retractable USB mechanism seen in the last model.

Team Iron Man Flash Drives (2010-2015)

Team Iron Man wins hands down when it comes to flash drive selection. You get to choose from miniatured Mark 43’s body armor to Mark 42’s helmet, gauntlets and arc reactor core. The gauntlets are particularly interesting since the fingers have movable joints so you can enjoy some extra fun with sign language. Did we mention they come in left and right version? Infothink has made sure you will get the other one to complete the set.

When plugged in, the palm’s repulsor lights up. It’s the same for the helmet’s LED eyes as well as the power core. Teammate War Machine and Spider-man have also made their way into flash drives as armored helmet and mask respectively.

Lastly, Black Widow’s thumb drive takes form of the belt buckle from the heroine’s battle suit. It actually took us a while to figure this out. 🙂

Stark’s Favorite Headset (2013)

In a never ending desire to monetize every possible avenue of the Marvel franchise, this Iron Man-themed gaming headset shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Fans should immediately recognize its iconic hot rod red and gold color scheme as well as the prominent Arc Reactors built into the side of each earcup.

This combination of high-tech superhero and a gaming headset appears to be a perfect match. Most hardcore gamers not only want to use high quality gadgetry but they also want to look good while doing it. In this respect, this headset does a fantastic job as gamers and comics fans alike can immediately associate the USB-only headset with something conceived by Stark.

With large 50mm stereo drivers and 117dB impedance specification, these cans from e-Blue should have you covered in even the most demanding of audio environment. Add in the special collector’s box and the limited edition nature of the Stark Industries headset and we can see many fans wanting one; or at least until they realize it will set them back $210 plus shipping.

Iron Mouse Mark I (2013)

What appears to be a Mark 42 helmet’s replica is in fact a 2-button wireless mouse with an unusually wide scroll wheel. It runs on two AAA batteries and boasts 1000 dpi optical sensor. These are pretty much outdated specs by today’s standards. To help justify the asking price of $100, the mouse’s resting stand is made to look like Stark’s Arc Reactor, and the iconic eyes do light up at flick of a switch.

We doubt whoever buy this will ever remove the mouse from its clear acrylic box. It’s nonetheless a collector’s item which will likely live on a shelf rather than on a desktop. At best, it will serve well as a backup mouse. Frankly speaking, the video ad below turns out to be far more impressive than the product itself.

USB Arc Reactor – Limited Power, Limitless Fun (2015)

The idea of charging an iPhone from a portable fusion cell battery only exists in a dream but what better way is there to sell a power bank than to package it as Iron Man’s Arc Reactor. This one from Infothink has its limits, however. Inside the 3.2” Arc Reactor circular chassis is a 5200mAh battery, manufactured by Sanyo. There’s also only one USB port that supplies 2.1A current.

What makes it interesting are the lighting and sound effects. They are obviously just for show and in fact do draw quite a bit from the battery. A nifty-looking charging stand that doubles as a 4-port USB hub is included in the limited edition. If you are going for it, make sure to get this deluxe version which ships with an Avengers-branded flannel bag.

Thor’s Very Own Power Bank (2013)

With another superhero movie hitting theaters comes another wave of movie tie-in merchandise. Where the latest movie revolves around the continuing adventures of beefy Thor, it comes as little surprise to see his trusty hammer, Mjolnir, gets turned into a branded product. What makes this special (and practical) is that it’s actually power bank.

The battery itself is massive; when we say massive we meant massive as the aluminum, zinc and plastic-clad power pack tips the scales at 450g and is 13 x 8 x 5cm in size. In spite of that, the hammer’s handle does make it easy to carry the battery around.  As the name suggests, this is a portable power pack that allows you to charge your mobile devices when AC is not an option.

There’s micro-USB charging port as well as a full-sized USB 2.0 that output at 2.1A for anything up to a power-hungry iPad. Better yet, this device uses high quality Sanyo rechargeable batteries and comes in three versions a 2600mAh, 5200mAh and downright godly 10400mAh version – that is 52 watts of power. Though, the 10400mAh model will take ten full hours to recharge. Being a novelty item, perhaps the coolest feature is the fact that the battery with its LEDs and built-in speaker mimics Mjolnir’s effects when you swing it. The only catch – besides the size – is this model is only available in Asia right now so along with its $125 asking price you will have to source out special shipping.

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