22 November 2010, Comments: 2

 November 2010         Anthony Garland

As any child of the 80’s will tell you, that decade was one weird and wonderful 10 years; filled with everything from Reaganomics and Goonies to ultra cool, but now defunct cars. The ultimate car to any 1980’s kid has to be the Delorean Motors Corporation DMC-12. To be precise, not just ANY DMC-12, but the Delorean from the Back to The Future movies! While there is very little you can do about Regan’s legacy, or trying to forget that you wanted to be a “Goonie”, there is something you can do about owning a piece of your past.

Namely, Flash Rods – the company that brought you some funky flash drives also makes one serious piece of memorabilia that is sure to pull on the heart strings of ANY geek! Their Delorean Time Machine not only is a 1:18 scale replica of that awesome time machine, but also is a working 500GB hard drive. Sadly, it isn’t USB 3.0 enabled and doesn’t actually go 88 MPH, but it is sure to be the center piece of any hardcore Geek’s collection. After all, it may not be the fast storage device out there but it certainly is the coolest.