24 November 2011, Comments: 2

 November 2011         Paul McCollum

Bar none, the makers of the best looking automobile flash drives, Flash Rods has released a new Mercedes SLS Hard Drive. It has a completely hidden 500GB hard drive stored within an unbelievable detailed scale replica of a 2011 Mercedes SLS AMG sports car. The attention to detail is certainly evident in every aspect, from paint down to upholstered interior. The gull wing doors, trunk and hood all open and close to reveal even more minutiae. You can even make out disc brakes behind the mag wheels. While transferring data, most of the Flash Rods light their tail lights.

Like other Flash Rod HD car, the Mercedes SLS AMG houses a 2.5″ hard disk drive completely hidden from view with the exception of the USB 2.0 port at the rear. Other than that, without a frame of reference, you’d be hard pressed to be able to tell it was a 1:18 scale replica. The Merceds SLS is available in Black, Red and Silver for $250. The price is a bit higher than a generic portable drive but not bad compared against other custom enclosures. Also available is a fresh run of their “Back to the Future” DeLorean Tiime Machine Flash Rods. You may have a hard time choosing but the Delorean costs about $30 more than the sleek SLS.

  • Peterc408

    My drive will blow the doors off of this one :)

  • My drive will blow the doors off of this one :)