20 November 2013, Comments: 1

 November 2013         Anthony Garland

When people find themselves off the grid for extended periods of time, everything from fancy GPS units to smartphones eventually stop working. For these times, thermoelectric or kinetic chargers can certainly get the job done but both require a more hands on approach.

The Hydrobee, on the other hand, only needs running water. Tow it behind your boat, stick it in a fast flowing river, or even just put it under a water faucet for 3 hours, this is all you need do. No walking, fire-starting or sunny days are needed as the Hydrobee is a hydroelectric generator.

Hydroelectric generators are certainly not new, but the sheer simplicity of the Hydrobee does make it standout. It consists of few parts, most of which can be printed out on a 3D printer, and its replaceable power pack is only the size of a 12 oz. can of soda. All of these help make it easy to transport, repair and even replicate in remote regions of the world.

The Hydrobee does not just create electricity and transfer it to connected devices; rather the Hydrobee charges six internal AA batteries which then can be used to recharge other USB devices (1 amp. max. output) at a more convenient time. Add in its compact and highly portable form factor and the Hydrobee is tailor made for parts of the world where finding flowing water is not a problem. If this sounds perfect for your needs, $24 on Kickstarter will get you a Hydrobee once they start production.

  • Greg Meyer

    Hey Ian,
    Nice article. It looks like they are in the last week of Kickstarter and still need some help! I hope this gadget gets made.