23 February 2009
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Author: Ian Chiu
23 February 2009, Comments: 0

This week in Barcelona, the constituent members of the GSM Alliance announced jointly that they would no longer be releasing phones without a micro-USB connector for charging at least. Nokia, Motorola, Orange, Qualcomm, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, T-Mobile, 3, Telefónica are among the key members of this group and represent an overwhelming majority of cell phone manufacturers in the modern world. In what must be a huge blow to accessory makers this agreement will be a huge boon for conservationists and customers who no longer have to throw away countless old chargers and other gear each time you upgrade your phone. This will lower the repurchase rate for low dollar peripherals, but may raise interest in long term and accordingly more expensive accessories.

This resolution was preceded by a similar group composed of power brokers hoping to sell juice for cell phones and devices in public places. That group’s motives are more directly of financial to them so not really surprising. HTC chimed in shortly after the press conference agreeing to go along with the initiative. The only major player that hasn’t spoken up is Apple. While apple has made surprising efforts to stick to their own connector throughout the evolution of devices their market share makes them a necessary participant.