First Water Cooling Notebook Stand (Not Vaporware...)

26 March 2010
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Author: Ian Chiu
26 March 2010, Comments: 0

This notebook stand may not be much to look at, but it’s like no other stand we’ve seen. This all aluminum stand raises your laptop about 2 inches off the ground, and packs a water cooling system. You heard it right… water cooling. A USB-powered pump sitting under the stand circulates water through copper a radiator in mounted over a fan. The water flow is constantly wicking away heat from the copper radiator and any air that passes through it is cooled.

This unique cooler should provide a significant increase in cooling over conventional fan-based cooling pad. It’s definitely something for those with gaming laptops or for people serious about heavy multitasking. Water cooled systems are very nearly mainstream now (at least on desktops), so you shouldn’t worry about leaks or catastrophic failures. The only worry you should have is the aluminum edges look a little sharp and might not travel well. There’s not much indication of when these might hit the shelves or for how much. Given how smart the design is our guess is that competitors will be popping with similar devices very soon.