7 July 2011
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Author: Ian Chiu
7 July 2011, Comments: 1

 July 2011         Ian Chiu

This USB 3.0 20-Pin header to USB 3.0 Type-A connector certainly is an interesting product in that it allows you to internally connect one or even two USB 3.0 flash drives (for example) internally. This would be very nice for a home-built NAS! It also allows people who have upgraded their motherboard, but don’t want to upgrade their case! We say this, as while USB 3.0 motherboard headers are very new, many cases came with compatible front panel connectors. The only catch was they used the standard Type-A external connectors. Simply plug in one of these adapters and you externally run USB 3.0 cables for your fancy case can become (what they should be) internally run cables.

As more and more motherboards are released with internal USB 3.0 headers, it is becoming the de-facto standard and as such case manufaturers are catching up and releasing USB 3.0 front panel ports cables which can take advantage of it. This means that even though this is a new product, this adapter is likely to be severely niche. By the same token, we can see picking up one or two for our parts bin as you never know when an older case will need an upgrade that only such an adapter can provide. If you have been looking for such an adapter, and with a price of only $8.50 at Brando.com.

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One response on “20-pin USB 3.0 Adapter, Heaven Sent for PC Builders

  1. fieldho says:

    Thanks, perfect solution for my Zalmen Z11 with front usb3’s and no internal header connects.