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 July 2013         Anthony Garland

While the CulCharge series of ultra-small USB cables will not be able to match the versatility of an Innergie, they do make up for it in shear compactness. In fact, the CulCharge’s are so small and thin you can attach them to a keychain without worry. Why you would want or need to have a 6cm x 4mm thick USB cable on your person at all times is actually easy to explain.

The CulCharge is meant to allow users the ability to recharge their phones battery without carrying a bulky cable around with them. Of course, these ultra-flexible cables – which can be bent or twisted a full 180° without damage – can be used as a data cable, but their intended niche is to be the smallest phone charging cable series available.

Between the four CulCharge’s currently available, nearly any phone can be recharged; however, each one is meant for only one type of connector. So while each has a full-sized USB port on one end, the other end does vary between micro-USB, mini-USB, Apple 30-pin, and Apple Lightning connectors.

Be warned, if you have multiple phones with different connection types the cost of these $8 – $15 cables will quickly add up. On the positive side, we can see these making a nice novelty gift but their lack of adaptability makes them rather expensive for anyone with more than one port type.

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5 responses on “CulCharge, Phone Charging Mini USB Cables for Your Keychains

  1. Julia Smith says:

    very helpful post

    Mini USB Cable

  2. martmann says:

    In the picture above the Micro & Mini USB cables have swapped labels.
    Since that looks like an advertising pic, hope the attention to detail is better in the factory. :^)

  3. ECA says:

    Iv been trying to get those SOLAR chargers with a specific design. and it aint easy.
    A 2-3-4 compartment for REGULAR rechargeable batteries. and a REGULAR USB port, and a solar panel on top. Just PLUG in any USB cable to the Charger and device.

  4. ECA says:

    you wonder around looking for a USB, port…Laptop, USB plug-in,… to charge it..Fun.