29 April 2010
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Author: Ian Chiu
29 April 2010, Comments: 0

 April 2010         Ian Chiu

An inherent problem with webcams is that hackers are aggressively finding ways to take control user’s PC through malware to peep into user’s homes. Other than putting tape over the webcam’s lens, Chinese camera specialist Gsou has this nifty USB webcam with a new new “anti-peep” technology. Their interesting approach is having a robotic arm that will automatically cover this camera lens of this one-eyed buddy as soon as a video conferencing session completes. This fella will put down his hands when it detects incoming Skype / MSN video calls.

If you still fear the malware might still take control of the webcam’s arms, there’s an override function that allows you to use the unit’s physical button to uncover the lens only when needed. The video quality seems surprisingly good for what it’s worth as the webcam core has a 5-layer glass coating lens. This webcam isn’t exactly made for HD video calls in mind, but it deserves credit for creativity.

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