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 December 2011         Paul McCollum

In true holiday season “As seen on TV” style, we have a USB charging cable solution that might give the “Slap Shot” a run for it’s money. Nothing mind blowing like the Qi or PowerMat, the Innergie Charging USB Cable Duo and Trio are a modern day Mr. Popeil Pocket Fisherman. It’s basically an interchangeable USB charging cable with multiple tips. The improved part is that they’ve figured out a cool way to keep the extra tips attached to the main cable. We’re poking a little fun at it but if it had another standard USB tip, we’d have 3 on order already.

The tips are kept in place with a Russian Nesting Doll style cascading connection that allow for easy connection with iPhones, iPods, Android or Blackberry. Each device has a tip represented with the Innergie Trio. The Duo only has Micro USB and 40-pin iPhone/iPad connectors. The Trio also adds mini USB to the two found on the Duo. The amount of cable clutter and lost charger chaos that these could reduce for under $20 dollars is up to you. If you travel with a lot of devices or know someone who does, this might make a great gift for both. Available for order now via their website: Trio & Duo.

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