21 September 2009, Comments: 1

 September 2009         Ian Chiu

Buckle up for a new caliber in USB devices as USB 3.0 starts getting exploited. Point Grey wows us with their new video camera which they plan to debut at 2009 Intel Developer Forum. What looks like an HD-wannabe webcam is actually capable of pumping full 1080p video at an astounding 60fps. The widened pipe of USB 3.0 actually may make high bandwidth devices cheaper now that they can push raw data through to the host computer’s CPU. Previous devices would have to include additional circuitry to compress the data before channeling to the host. The camera uses a 3 mega-pixel Sony CMOS sensor to capture the 1920×1080 video images.

Since host controllers for SuperSpeed USB have yet to hit the market they’ve formed a special alliance with Fresco Logic. Fresco Logic’s FL1000 controller is used in their test system via a PCI-Express USB 3.0 interface card. We’ll have to wait patiently for the IDF 2009 to find out the price on either the card or the camera. The first host controllers we are likely to see will likely be included on ASUS motherboards and Fujitsu laptops, but we’re still waiting on confirmation of a production date. Check back with us and we’ll update as soon as they are available.

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One response on “First USB 3.0 Webcam Impresses with 1080p60 Streaming

  1. jimtolly says:

    This camera is out! The production camera is called the Flea3 USB 3.0. Its different from the prototype camera though – more cube shape, its black and the the connection to the camera uses the mini USB 3.0 type. Its geared towards machine vision but it can be used is other entertainment applications. Two models are out: 1328x1048px at 120FPS and 2080x1552px at 60FPS. To find out more go to