7 January 2012
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Author: Ian Chiu
7 January 2012, Comments: 1

HP Compaq L2311c proves to be one of the killer apps for USB 3.0 as the 23″ LCD is tightly integrated with a laptop docking station. In fact, the primary connection to the LED backlit display is via a USB 3.0 cable. There’s also VGA but people usually don’t drop $319 so they can use it as an analog monitor. The dock consists of Gigabit Ethernet; microphone jack; 3.5mm stereo output; and 4-port USB 3.0 hub. USB 3.0 also powers the built-in 720p HD webcam in the monitor.

HP Compaq L2311c is essentially a business solution in which the monitor can be installed in shared workspace. Everyone would be able to connect to the monitor and at the same time, hook up to the local intranet through wired Ethernet using just a USB 3.0 cable. The display itself – thanks to DisplayLink’s new DL-3900 – boasts 1920×1080 resolution and promises much more responsive video response. This improvement should push USB monitors to mainstream from just niche product category, at least in the business sector. If ultrabooks and Windows 8 tablets do gain popularity, we can also see such monitor becoming useful in many scenarios. The L2311c is backed by 3 years of part & labor warranty.

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    but DID YOU FORGET about the cpu load made by displaylink technology??????
    a FULLHD panel with displaylink will load “over” 50% your cpu. 70% etc….. google some sites about TESTs about displaylink cpu performance.

    a fullhd monitor used by usb is USELESS…….. i have an usb diplay.. BUT 7″ at 800x480pixel. and there is load of cpu IF i play videos on that display…. imagine¬† to play a full hd video on that HPdisplay……..