24 November 2010
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Author: Anthony Garland
24 November 2010, Comments: 1

When you absolutely, positively have to have one of the fastest storage solutions on the market that can fit into the palm of your hand the SuperTalent RAIDDrive is probably what you are going to reach for. It may be a bit bigger than the average thumb drive as it basically uses the same “shell” as the SuperCrypt, but boy is it ever faster than your typical thumb drive too! Heck, it makes even “fast” USB 3.0 flash drives like the Express Drive seem slow. When it was originally released, it easily was able to hit above 300MB/s via its USB 3.0 interface, and it appears that the engineers over at SuperTalent were not letting it go “full throttle” as the freakin’ USB 3.0 controllers couldn’t handle anymore than that… so why bother.

We know that these engineers can work wonders as the Express Drive firmware update may not have made it that much faster but it did make it run cooler. So, what does this firmware update do for the RAIDDrive? Well boys and girls, SuperTalent has decided that the newer USB 3.0 controllers coming down the pipe are worthy of getting the “full speed” treatment! Yes, they just recently announced that they will be unlocking the RAIDDrive’s full capabilities via a firmware update. The end result, is a flash drive that is rated to hit an amazing 370MB/s when connected to a Fresco Logic FL1009 USB 3.0 host. A 55MB/s boost in performance is what we call a free firmware upgrade. Though we do have to wonder if this means the already warm running RAIDDrive will run even warmer as the controller and NAND have to work that much harder. To find out, you will have to wait a little while as the firmware update hasn’t been posted to their website yet, but we expect that to change in the very near future.

  • Zolar Google

    I have yet to find *ANY* hardware that actually runs at the claimed speed.

    I think they just write all 1’s to the drive and measure that speed instead of doing a real world test like copying a movie on a computer that is a few years (3-5) old.

    Better to give a conservative speed rating and be pleasantly surprised than lie about the real world speed and be pi$$ed off.

    Not everyone had a state of the art 1,000 cpu with a kazillion gigs of ram running a 8-drive raid 0 array…

    PS CD/DVD burners are the WORST LIARS there are. They claim 22x and you can barely get 1/2 that.