Targus Boosts USB 3.0 Laptop Dock with Dual HD Video Output

17 December 2011
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Author: Paul McCollum
17 December 2011, Comments: 0

Targus today has released a new version of its highly practical wedge design laptop dock. This latest Dual Video USB 3.0 Docking Station has added some monumental new features, thanks to the new Displaylink’s top-of-the-line DL-3900. The diminutive bar is riddled with ports and connectors, most notably a DVI port and an HDMI port. That’s right, your laptop can run triple displays with this dock.

For the traveler, this grants easy options of connecting to two of the most popular media displays without having to carry around extra cables. Targus thoughtfully includes an HDMI-DVI adapter which will allow you to run two DVI displays out-of-the-box. A DVI-VGA adapter is additionally included to give complete coverage of the modern display possibilities. The DisplayLink technology driving the display system allows resolutions up to 2560 x1600.

On top of the dual display options, there are two other built in accessories. USB audio is provided through standard headphone and microphone jacks. USB Ethernet is also available as well in the gigabit capacity. Running triple displays with full gigabit networking utilized, this may be the first device capable of getting close to the limits of USB 3.0. It might be fun just to try and make it stutter but under sane circumstances you’ll always have bandwidth to spare. For device charging, there are two high-powered USB ports that comply with Battery Charging Specs 1.1, supplying extra power for phone, tablet recharging even when the laptop is turned off. The Targus Dual Video USB 3.0 Laptop Dock justifies its cost, $199, solely with the new video options. The five USB ports, with always on charging features, audio and networking put it over the top for value-add. You should be able to order soon from Targus.com and other retailers.