15 January 2012, Comments: 0

 January 2012         Paul McCollum

It may not be the most intricately detailed item we’ve ever laid eyes, this Transformers TF3 flash drive may feel the best in your pocket. It’s rare that a flash drive feels like it could withstand any kind of drop, but this one is housed in an Transformers themed, die cast metal outer body, which is way more durable than the previous versions. It should weigh enough that you won’t forget it in your pocket and wash it, but not so much that you won’t carry it. The USB connector is retractable for even more protection.

The top of the metal Autobot or Decepticon logo flips up to reveal another insignia beneath. The body of the flash drive glows blue when accessed. When removed from your PC, the rigid drive can also be used as a bottle opener. More than meets the eye for sure. The drive will come in 4 and 8 GB varieties and a few are available now via Amazon (AutobotDecepticon). It’s a little late for the Transformer 3 release and may be a little slim on storage space for a modern drive. However, with the construction and crisp looks, this little thing may last you a lot longer than an average flash drive, especially at only $33.