23 June 2011, Comments: 0

 June 2011         Paul McCollum

Our favorite themed flash drive maker Mimoco has launched another pair of frenemies on flash drive, Optimus Prime and Megatron. This flash-back from the 80s immortalizes the original Truck and Pistol versions of the cartoon heroes prior to the movie reimaginings. These two drives are conveniently timed with the impending release of what should be a three-peat Transformers: The Movie summer blockbuster. Fan love of the Transformers franchise, techie-style has been demonstrated before as a Ravage flash drive and an All-Spark USB hub.

The Mimobot drives are available in capacities that range from 2GB to 16GB and will run you around $20 to 60. They also come loaded with Mimoco’s most extensive distribution of digital content to date. Media that is pre-loaded includes; Screensavers, Comics, Icons, Images and more. The drives are still only USB 2.0 compatible but flash drives that brings back such fond memories doesn’t need to be fast.