22 February 2011, Comments: Comments Off on USB Aquarium Refit with Pump, LED Lights & Thermometer

 February 2011         Anthony Garland

As self describe tech geeks we do have to admit that we love USB gadgets. Whether it’s a Delorean clad hard drive, a set of cufflinks that hide flash drives, or even Lady Gaga LCD shades. You can take the corniest, oddest, kitschiest thing in the world and stick a USB plug on it and we probably will think its cool; however, when a company not only takes an existing device but MULTIPLE devices and makes it USB interface-able… .that goes beyond cool and cranks the cool dial all the way to 11!

Take the USB Aquarium with Alarm Clock and Thermometer. This funky little thang is first and foremost an honest to god fish tank that has its aquarium air pump work off the 5volt line of your USB port. This by itself is pretty cool as we always thought those fake fish USB tanks were really lame. This right here would make the USB Aquarium with Alarm Clock and Thermometer pretty cool, but Brando was not satisfied with just making a real fish tank that connects to your computer but it is also a working alarm clock (with built in LCD display), has a built in thermometer and even sports a 6 LED light! This shotgun approach to novelty kitsch means even if the idea of water + computer scares you then maybe a Zen garden fish tank with alarm clock or one of the myriad of other possibilities will tickle your fancy. All in all, the USB Aquarium with Alarm Clock and Thermometer is pure kitsch, but it has elevated it a freakin’ art form and for that we really think its awesomely, geek cool that will at the very least make for a great show piece in your cubicle… .as long as you don’t mind shelling out $40 for kitsch that is!

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