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 April 2011         Ian Chiu

If you are like most “techies”, you probably have a couple – at the very least – smaller capacity microSD cards laying around which you simply “out grew” and replaced with bigger ones. Well, what if you could reuse three of them and make combine them into one big(er) flash drive? After all, a flash drive is just a bunch of NAND chips (or sometimes just one), a USB interface and a controller chip or two. And since you have all these useless micro SD cards that would be a perfect building block for your own Franken-Flash drive! We know we have though of this many times and went “nah, that sounds too much like work and a ton of hassle to build it our selves”.

Well, it seems that some enterprising boffin by the name of Fang-Chun Tsai has done it (though Photofast and their PhotoFast MicroSD JBOD USB Reader did it first). The all new Collector USB Flash Drive is a for all intents and purposes a flash drive… sans flash chips! Instead of relying on non-upgradeable flash drive chips soldered to the PCB the Collector USB Flash Drive has three slots for three microSD cards! You simply slide off the cover panel, insert your three microSD cards, replace the top and bam you got a flash drive made up of a RAID-0 microSD cards! Stick three 2GB cards in it and you get a 6GB flash drive. While this is highly impractical if you don’t have any spare micro-SD cards kicking around, it certainly will help reduce your e-waste IF you do. Now if only they would make a SD based version as regular SD cards are not only more plentiful, come in larger capacity but are also cheaper too! No word on pricing or availability at this time.

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