27 January 2011, Comments: 1

 January 2011         Anthony Garland

In what is sure to resonate with both novice and veterans alike comes a new product so simple and yet so innovative as to be a sure fire hit: Double USB plug. The Double USB plug basically is a USB port that can be plugged in either orientation. With this cable, you no longer need to see which way the plastic post is pointing, nor fumble with a port on the back of your computer. Simply plug it in like you would a normal USB cable and be assured no matter what orientation the plug is in… it will fit and work.

You may be asking your self how that is even possible. The answer is actually as simple as the idea itself. In a typical USB port there is only contacts on one side of the plastic internal divider. This means that you have to orientate the plug so that the one sided contacts of the port and the one sided contacts of your peripherals plug will line up (otherwise it will not work). Compare and contrast this with a Double USB port which has contacts on both halves of its USB plug and you can instantly see why no matter what way you plug the Double USB port in, it’s contacts will make contact with your PC’s USB port’s contacts. This is simply ingenious, and we truly hope that this unique idea not only gains traction but becomes the de facto standard in the near future.

  • Timothy Cousineau

    finally…I have been hoping they would do this for a while!!!

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