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 October 2013         Anthony Garland

Both LaCie and Porsche have well deserved reputations for building aesthetically pleasing but highly functional devices. Since 2011, these two designers joined forces to create the USB 3.0 hard drives which is the Cayenne of USB drives – fast but big. This time they are back and have followed up with LaCie Porsche Design USB Key.

The new series is one of the sleekest USB 3.0 thumb drives available today and is meant to appeal to LaCie fans (and of course, owners of a real Porsche).  As the name suggests, the Porsche Design USB Key – measuring at just 53 x 12 x 4mm – is about the size of the typical house key. With its all steel – not cheap aluminum – construction; recessed USB 3.0 port; built-in lanyard; and mere 8g weight, it literally can be stored on your keychain with your car keys.

To ensure that your data is safe, if you lose this itty-bitty drive, the LaCie comes wit Private/Public software which uses AES 256-bit encryption. Better yet, if you do lose it, you can simply restore your files from Wuala Secure Cloud Storage (though, you only get the first year free.)

The one area where the USB Key falls down is in the performance department. Unlike Porsche cars which are known for their speed, this Porsche can’t do much better than a mediocre 95MB/s. With a price tag which ranges from $30 to $60, this is easily the best bang for your buck Porsche you will ever find.

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One response on “LaCie Porsche USB Key Makes a Owning ‘Porsche’ Affordable

  1. Zoidbert says:

    Some other reviews have missed the real appeal of this drive — it’s THIN. It seems like it’ll fit easily no matter how the USB ports on the computer are arranged (too close, vertical, etc.). I don’t mind the slower speed if I don’t have to worry about unplugging other things first (hubs notwithstanding).