9 August 2011, Comments: 6

 August 2011         Ian Chiu

In Logitech’s continuing quest to provide as many possible solutions for all your HTPC needs comes word of the all new Logitech K400 Wireless Touch Keyboard. This all new keyboard is not only compact and stylish, but also stores standing up so as to not take up as much room as it would otherwise in your cluttered living room. To help make sure that you can actually use the Logitech K400 when not even remotely close to the Unifying USB receiver and system, the keyboard has a wireless range of 10m. Add in a one year estimated battery life and you do have a keyboard meant for the living room and not your typical workstation environment.

Helping to reinforce this notion of it being a HTPC keyboard first and foremost, Logitech has also included a large 3.5″ multi-touch capable touchpad. This coupled with the K400’s built-in multimedia keys makes a wireless mouse or trackball redundant for your HTPC setup. The only area where the K400 may not be perfect is the fact that while the keys have large and bold lettering, they are not illuminated, unlike the IOGEAR and Lenovo N5902. In a darkened living room, the bold white lettering will not do you all that much good. So, the K400 isn’t exactly ideal for using under low lighting conditions.

Though with a reasonable price of only $49 MSRP and a three-year warranty, we think the K400 may just be appealing in times like these. No word on exact North American release date is known at this time.

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6 responses on “Logitech K400 Keyboard Makes for a Good HTPC Companion

  1. Mats Svensson says:

    Logitechs black keyboards with gray text, are pretty much useless even at a regular desk.

    • Anooj Muljee says:


    • whitespace37 says:

      silly people needing to look at the keyboard in order to type

    • Bolt Upright says:

      I have this keyboard and the text is white on black which is easy to read for my old bad eyes.  Do wish it had backlighting…  I would gladly pay extra.  This is a great keyboard for HTPC or Boxee Box(works for me).

      I agree, gray on black sux and is plumb stupid. 

      • Mats Svensson says:

        I switched to the wireless Macintosh keyboard for my pc.
        White keys with big black letters, no problem typing in a dark room without glasses now.

  2. loopyduck says:

    Lol, Windows XP.