3 April 2009, Comments: Comments Off on USB Bamboo Mini Fountain, Your Zen is in

 April 2009         Ian Chiu

Now this is truly refreshing, a USB water fountain, trickling water down the tops of three modeled bamboo plants. Just thinking about this has lowered my blood pressure a few points. Brando, our favorite Asian oddity importer is now carrying this tiny bamboo water fountain. Tranquility incarnate the tiny babbling brook is just what the doctor ordered to bring a calm serenity to your work place. No amount of downed servers or murderous conspiracies that sent you to jail for a crime you didn’t commit can stress you out anymore.

The bamboo shoots are made of a durable polyresin and run off the excess negative energy stored in your PC or Mac converting it into pure love. Take a few minutes contemplate the void and mellow out. This would go perfect with a tiny bonsai tree and maybe, just maybe, get you back in touch with your inner child. Then again it might just get the new girl in accounting to stop by your cubicle more often. Whatever peace/piece you seek, may you find it.

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