31 March 2013, Comments: 2

 March 2013         Paul McCollum

The upcoming Iron Man 3 release scheduled for May this year brings us fun new items from Infothink. A trio of movie-inspired flash drives are being released alongside the feature film. These are a serious upgrade, even over the Marvel-ous versions released last year for the Avengers’ movie.

These USB 2.0 drives sport a slim slide-out connector and 8GB or 16GB of storage space, and they are shaped as an Iron Man glove with repulsor; the Iron Man suit’s power source the arc reactor; and Iron Man Mark 42’s helmet.

The Glove drive has a glowing repulsor / flight stabilizer feature when plugged in. The fingers are all poseable for extra fun with sign language (of the appropriate kind of course).  The epic Arc Reactor chest piece is a focal point of the Iron Man series and an icon of its clean power subtext. The flash drive of the same shape also has an animated glow (when plugged in) that really must be seen.  And lastly, the Mark 42 drive has a shape of the character’s helmet.

Sadly, these drives tie into Iron Man 3 and not USB 3 but Infothink’s last batch of drives were actually decent performers. These USB drives will fit perfectly alongside our Mimobot collection and has us anticipating the next Avengers movie set for release in 2015. They are limited editions and you may have to secure some special shipping from Australia if you must have them.