Build Your Very Own USB Batman Spotlight

13 August 2008
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Author: Ian Chiu
13 August 2008, Comments: 0

Today we’re back with another installment of things geeks can build when they have nothing else to do. With the bazillion dollars the Dark Knight is raking in at the theater, odds are you have seen it or one of the earlier Batman movies before. At least when you’re little geek you probably watched the Batman cartoons and are vaguely familiar with the giant Batman spotlight Commissioner Gordon used to summon assistance. Today over at Instructables, you can find step-by-step instructions on making your very own USB powered, tiny Batman spotlight.

According to the guy who designed the project you’ll need a couple of old bottle caps, the tinfoil, cheap USB light (don’t tear up something cool like the Homer Simpson lamp we looked at before), small piece of clear plastic, cardboard, pocket change, soldiering iron, hot glue gun, paint, and a couple hours to build the project. I’m guessing you need a little bit of artistic talent to cut out the Batman logo as well. If you don’t have a USB light handy, the project designer says you can use appropriate LEDs, resistors, and a USB plug.