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 April 2011         Anthony Garland

It seems that every time you turn around, another comic book hero or even comic “universe” is being turned into a novelty flash drive. This of course is for the simple reason that people who grew up reading comic books are now all grown up and have more disposable income than they know what to do with.

In other words, geeks of a certain age (and usually gender) love geeky gadgets which remind them of their childhood. Heck, the fact you can actually justify your latest “action figure” by saying that it is actually a useable and “serious” device is just the balm we use on our egos in order to justify having a new collection of toys. Take the Monstoes’ USB flash drives which (maybe) are your favourite Marvel and Nintendo action figures re-imaged as 2GB, 4GB or 8GB USB flash drives.

While we doubt Marvel – let alone ultra conservative Nintendo – has endorsed these artist renditions, and we truly doubt their cute factor is going to save Monstoes from being sued into oblivion; but that just means their “collector value” is even greater. After all, the only thing better than officially sanctioned USB novelty toys is bootleg toys. With a price tag of $25.95 and a decent selection of Marvel charters including Spiderman, Thor and Iron Man and even Bob-omb from the Super Mario Brother Universe these are sure to lure many of geek over to the “Dorkside” where all the cool geeks like us reside.

After all, they are completely usable flash drives and the fact that the company making them is probably not going to be making them for long (or even be around all that long once Marvel and Nintendo’s lawyer eat them for lunch) means these are sure to be worth a bit of coin in the future. Sure this is a stretch and you really have to work at justifying the price of $25.95 for a mere 2GB flash drive, $29.95 for 4GB or $39.95 for 8GB; but they sure are cute and we are sure that they would look down right awesome next to our security badge on our lanyard around our necks.

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