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21 April 2014
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Is Logitech K830 the Best HTPC Keyboard to Date?

21 April 2014, Comments: 1

For as long as there has been HTPC, Logitech has been one of the few manufacturers that tirelessly roll out niche peripherals for media […]

17 January 2014
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Matias Keyboard Marries Mechanical Switches & Ergonomic Layout

17 January 2014, Comments: 0

At this year’s CES, Matias announced the all new Ergo Pro Keyboard and it certainly has peaked our interest. Simply put, the new $200 Ergo […]

15 August 2013
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Logitech TK820, Born from K800 Keyboard, T650 Touchpad

15 August 2013, Comments: 1

For anyone who has ever used the Logitech K800 keyboard and the T650 touchpad, their all new TK820 will sound like a brilliant idea. Logitech basically has taken […]

14 August 2013
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MS’ Odd-shaped Ergonomic Keyboard & Mouse Make Debut

14 August 2013, Comments: 1

As fans of Microsoft’s Natural line of ergonomic keyboards since the early 1990′s, we always pay attention when Redmond releases a new model. This […]

5 June 2013
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Asus Swings & Misses with the VivoMouse

5 June 2013, Comments: 0

The just announced Asus VivoMouse is unlike any mouse you are ever likely to encounter. While it does share some design philosophies with the MS Touch, or […]

1 May 2013
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Sanwa Touchpad is Completely Populated with Virtual Buttons

1 May 2013, Comments: 0

With the release of Windows 8, the popularity of aftermarket touch sensitive devices has dramatically increased and so too has the number of options. […]

24 April 2013
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Is This Really the Iron Man Mouse?

24 April 2013, Comments: 0

With Iron Man 3 soon to be in theatres, it comes as little surprise that a new round of movie tie-ins would also be […]

12 April 2013
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Genius Ring Mouse 2, The One Ring to Rule Them All?

12 April 2013, Comments: 0

In what is sure to give Leap Motion competition comes word of the second generation Genius Ring Mouse. While this small input device may […]

28 February 2013
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Leap Motion: Next Great Leap Forward in Gesture Controls

28 February 2013, Comments: 0

What is best described as “Kinect on steroids”, the soon-to-be-released Leap Motion hopes to make intuitive, touch free computer interactions a reality for consumers. […]

8 January 2013
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Targus Touch Pen Transforms Any Laptop into a Touchscreen

8 January 2013, Comments: 0

Early adopters who upgraded their regular laptops to Windows 8 may find themselves missing out on the touch features. If you are one of […]

11 October 2012
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Logitech Glass Touchpad Made for Windows 8′s Multi-touch

11 October 2012, Comments: 0

Popularity of touch-sensitive input devices soars as operating systems are being overhauled to become touch-centric. The latest platform to receive optimized touch controls is […]

9 October 2012
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Massage Mouse is Next Best Thing to a Masseuse

9 October 2012, Comments: 2

Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI) is often associated with prolonged use of a computer. Should you find your neck or wrist aching after hours of […]

24 September 2012
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MS Sculpt Comfort Keyboard Makes Backspace Easy to Reach

24 September 2012, Comments: 1

The importance of keywords is often overlooked. As a good quality keyboard can make you more productive and at the same time reduces the […]

11 September 2012
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Zorro Macsk Makes Touchscreen iMac a Reality

11 September 2012, Comments: 0

Touch interface has become an integral part of our digital lives. Now that most all-in-ones come with a touchscreen since the debut of Windows […]

23 August 2012
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Logitech K310 Washable Keyboard for the Clean Fanatics

23 August 2012, Comments: 1

If you think about it, Logitech has designed a keyboard for nearly every kind of user, yet we don’t see one that is made […]