1 March 2010, Comments: Comments Off on Pricey CleanKeys Keyboard is Really Slick, in a Medical Way

 March 2010         Ian Chiu

The new Cleankeys keyboard is designed to help you keep from getting a virus, you know, a real one, not one of those sissy computer viruses. The keyboard is made to work around the clock in a business setting and be frequently wiped down and disinfected. Dentists and Doctors have been have been waiting for this for years, unfortunately they may the only ones who can afford it. The touch-sensitive keyboards run from $400 to $450, depending on the tactile version you choose; the two models vary by being completely feature-less and smooth or having small grooves that allow for tiled sensation. Both versions have no moving parts or tactile feedback, but do include a round touchpad so that no a mouse is required at all.

While these features seem like they might have been designed by Apple, they actually have function besides just looking cool but they will take some getting used to, something akin to learning to type on that Bluetooth laser keyboard. They are waterproof and spill-proof as well, allowing for accidents which are common in the workplace according to Murphy’s Law. That way, you don’t even have to unplug it, just hit the pause key and wipe it down. The pause key suspends keyboard functions when you need to clean the unit; the CleanKeys resumes when you hit it again. The keyboard is run off a wireless USB connection and recharges via a mini USB port that is tightly concealed until it’s needed to juice the battery. If you’ve got the dough and have a bit of that germ phobia that seems to be so trendy lately, the CleanKeys can be ordered now from their suppliers.

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