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 April 2012         Ian Chiu

SmartNav has updated its accessibility product to level 4. Their AT and EG models are designed to help the physically challenged and RSI affected improve their lives (and apparently their frag count). The SmartNav 4 uses an infrared camera and a small reflective dot placed on the users head or cap to track motion and translate it into mouse movements, basically the same technology used in the Wii-mote controller system. The AT (Assistive Technology) model is designed for enabling computer interaction completely without the aid of arms for handicapped and injured users. The EG (Ergonomic) model is made to work alongside other input forms as well as head tracking. This latest model has 4x the resolution of the previous model 3 and has 25% wider range of coverage and distance. The Ergonomic model can be ordered in their online shop for $399 and the Assistive version for $499.

Side by side both hardware units are identical differing only in the inclusion of their proprietary Dwell Clicking software and Virtual keyboard. The two software packages are effectively sophisticated control, click and interaction tools and will work with optional click devices like foot pedals and the like. An intriguing RSI reduction tool this has to be one of the potentially most effective means of combating RSI injuries but its only for the MS Windows platform currently. Check out the hands-free CounterStrike session it has to be seen to believed.

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