AOC 22" USB-powered Monitor Doubles as a Photo Frame

5 January 2012
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Author: Ian Chiu
5 January 2012, Comments: 0

Today comes word of the all new e2251Fwu USB monitor from AOC. The idea of a secondary monitor which needs nothing but a single USB port to work is very tempting to many consumers. In fact, it sounds like Nirvana to any road warrior who prizes transportability and productivity over everything else.

The one thing which has kept the USB monitor from becoming even more popular is the fact that they are usually expensive accessories. What if you could not only have an ultra portable, easy to use second monitor, but also have one that is reasonably priced? This is exactly what the e2251Fwu brings to the table.

The all new AOC e2251Fwu – powered by DisplayLink – is shockingly large 22″ LED backlit monitor which powered by just a single USB 2.0 port. The display size is in fact actually the largest of its kind. By plugging in one simple – yet ubiquitous – USB cable, this monitor not only receives enough power to work but also gets its video signal.

To match the screen size, the AOC also ups the resolution to 1920×1080 which is also a first for a bus-powered monitor. Other noteworthy features include its HDCP certification so you could actually play Blu-ray; Mac compatibility and its ultra slim profile (10.6mm thick).

The $199 e2251Fwu comes bundled with a removable stand so you can turn it into a 22″ photo frame for your desktop. One thing that AOC needs to clarify is the color output. Its previous offering – 15.6″ e1649fwu – can only manage 262k color output. If the e2251Fwu is the same, then it isn’t likely you want to use this for anything other than productivity apps and YouTube playback.