Novelty Flash Drives

4 July 2014
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Latest Transformers Thumb Drives from InfoThink Suit the Movie Well

4 July 2014, Comments: 0

A gust front may not be all that impressive but it may signify the approaching storm, so too does infoThink’s Transformers Age of Extinction […]

4 April 2014
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Captain America’s Famed Shield is Now USB 3.0 and OTG Friendly

4 April 2014, Comments: 0

Marvel (and Disney) absolutely love merchandizing, and it comes as no surprise that with their latest instalment of release of Captain America, a veritable […]

8 January 2014
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LaCie USB 3.0 Key Wobbles & Doubles as a Biz Card Holder

8 January 2014, Comments: 0

Like a high tech version of Japanese Daruma dolls, the new LaCie Culbuto combines both old world Zen appeal with new world technology. The Cullbuto wobbles […]

13 November 2013
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ADATA USB 3.0 Drives Up the Middle for NBA 2013 Season

13 November 2013, Comments: 0

It’s time for NBA 2013 season and for those of you who care, ADATA has a slew of new 16GB flash drives for you. […]

25 October 2013
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USB OTG Flash Drive Born for Android

25 October 2013, Comments: 3

USB OTG is great way to circumvent the storage limitation inherent to smartphones without a memory card slot. There’s already a simple yet effective solution […]

27 September 2013
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Bob Dylan – The Bard – Makes His USB Album Debut!

27 September 2013, Comments: 0

For Bob Dylan fans, the times they are a-changin. Like the man himself, many believe that CDs are an inferior medium and now for […]

27 June 2013
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Leef Bridge Shares Files Between Android & PC via USB

27 June 2013, Comments: 0

USB bridges have existed in one form or another since nearly the inception of Universal Serial Bus standard. The all new Leef Bridge, however, […]

3 May 2013
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Shawish’s Mushroom USB Keys are $32k Worth of Gems

3 May 2013, Comments: 0

If you are the type who thinks spending $70 million for a ring made entirely from diamonds is money well spent, then the all […]

26 April 2013
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Flash Rods Midsize: Muscle Car Looks with USB 3.0 Performance

26 April 2013, Comments: 0

With their all new Midsize line, Flash Rods is back and better than ever. Instead of Delorean’s or Mercedes’ hard drives, they have set their sight on classic […]

31 March 2013
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Marvel-ous New Iron Man 3 Flash Drives

31 March 2013, Comments: 2

The upcoming Iron Man 3 release scheduled for May this year brings us fun new items from Infothink. A trio of movie-inspired flash drives are […]

6 December 2012
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Official Dark Knight Flash Drive for Hardcore Fans

6 December 2012, Comments: 0

Infothink – the same company that brought us the Avengers and Transformers thumbdrives - just revealed its Batman USB key to coincide with the recent release of the Dark […]

22 November 2012
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intelliPaper – Flash Drive in Eco-friendly Style

22 November 2012, Comments: 2

Trade exhibitions and press conferences have been one of the driving forces behind the rapid expansion of the flash drive market. Even though most […]

5 October 2012
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Swarovski USB Bracelet, Made for Men

5 October 2012, Comments: 0

Austria-based Swarovski is a brand that is quite appealing among women. While its crystals have made their way into earbuds, iPhone cases, flash drives and etc., […]

6 July 2012
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Genuine BMW M (USB) Key, Yours for $38

6 July 2012, Comments: 0

Everyone has different preferences for flash drives. Some just couldn’t have enough speed and opt for the fastest while others always go for themed flash drives […]

28 June 2012
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Star Wars Mimobots Feature Leia, Luke, Ackbar & Jabba

28 June 2012, Comments: 0

Mimoco is outing the 8th series of Star Wars-themed flash drives on the eve of San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC). This series comprises of five Mimobots, all […]