USB Toy Reviews

24 September 2010
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Dream Cheeky OIC USB Missile Launcher Review

24 September 2010, Comments: 0

Fire Away The Dream Cheeky O.I.C. USB Missile Launcher is a heck of a lot bigger than I had pictured it. This thing with […]

28 December 2007
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Dream Cheeky Roll-up USB Drum & Piano Review

28 December 2007, Comments: 0

Setting Up the Kit Because Dream Cheeky designed the piano and the drum kit to be space saving portable devices, both instruments combine rubberized […]

24 December 2007
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Moxia USBCell AA USB Batteries Review

24 December 2007, Comments: 0

Battery Design On the surface, the USBCell AA batteries look identical to any other AA battery but that is where it stops. The green […]

18 July 2007
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Dream Cheeky Mini USB Fridge Review

18 July 2007, Comments: 2

Novelty Design While not the first USB beverage cooler to hit the market, Dream Cheeky’s USB Fridge is one of the more attractive models […]