18 October 2011, Comments: 0

 October 2011         Paul McCollum

Looking to put a bit more FLASH in your flash drive, it doesn’t get much better than this. Jamil Pure Gold, a UAE distributor with partners in Japan, have created a gorgeous Gold Bar flash drive. It’s actually made of 24 Karat gold pressed around a 32GB flash drive and it’s shaped like a classic bar of gold bullion and each one is handmade by Japanese artisans. Not much would stand out more on your desk than a nice gold brick.

Despite appearances, the drive isn’t pure gold. It’s made of a pressing of thin gold leaf, or foil, around a wood core. Otherwise, this much gold would tear a hole through your bag in a matter of days. At current prices, if the drive were made of solid 24K gold, it would fetch more than $24k. Given that, the drive could be considered a good deal at only $870. If you happen to live in Dubai, there’s a Groupon that brings it down to $435. A great gift for the person that has everything as long as you’ve got middle eastern connections to get it home. Everyone else may need to wait for other distribution options to arise.

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