4 March 2009, Comments: Comments Off on LaCie’s PassKey, iamakey, itsakey Take USB Key Literally

 March 2009         Ian Chiu

It’s a little more gimmicky than we are used to from the likes of LaCie, we can’t help but enjoy having more and more options for stylish flash drives. The PassKey from LaCie really enjoys the play on words of the USB key and has delivered three “regular key” shaped flash drives.

These USB keys won’t be plugging into any race cars. Their read and write speeds are logged at 10MB/s and 20MB/s respectively, which are at least respectable. To continue the analogy, 2 of the keys released would be truck keys. They pack a micro-SDHC card reader adding onto the 4 or 8GB capacity that the drives ship with. The most basic of the set is the PassKey which is exclusively a card reader and doesn’t pack any memory of its own (the Fred Flintstone car key if you must). Pair these with a USB lock for a gift if you want to be truly corny.

Actual speeds of the card reader will depend on the card more than the drive so don’t expect it to speed up a slow card. Also, as much as we love the durability of the flash drive most keychains take a lot more damage than what would be considered normal survival conditions of anything but the most rugged drives.

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