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 May 2012         Ian Chiu

Mahjong is recognized as China’s national game in the same way Mario is Japan’s. The former of course is all about gambling, and undoubtedly has better re-playability value. Otherwise, you won’t see the Chinese generations playing the same game since 500 BC. You may ask what Mahjong has to do with EverythingUSB? The answer being that a reader tipped us off to this one of a kind Mahjong Disk – a prestigious handcrafted USB flash drive that is modeled on three Mahjong tiles stacked together.

When you are ready to drop $400, you can start customize the Mahjong Disk with a wood material and drive capacity (8GB or 16GB SLC) of your choice. The Lan-Xue costs $100 more than the Li-Shui, and both materials are usually found in classic Chinese furniture. The drive itself is pretty decent, rated at 18MB/s read and 15MB/s – thanks to the onboard SLC memory module. Lastly and most importantly, you can choose what to engrave on the three Mohjon tiles. There are already presets with the most popular choice being FaFaFa (“Extremely lucky. “) and ZhongZhongZhong (“Emerge successful from competitions”). Also keep in mind to keep the Mahjong Disk away from water so keep it inside the leather case for protection whenever you can. This isn’t exactly your virtually indestructible flash drive as you can imagine.

  • This is a really informative article shared here, I must say that mahjong is a national game for china. I have seen nice mahjong disk, It is one of the creation of mahjong with great wood material and drive capacity 8GB or 16 GB.

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