3 May 2013, Comments: 0

 May 2013         Anthony Garland

If you are the type who thinks spending $70 million for a ring made entirely from diamonds is money well spent, then the all new USB Key from Shawish Geneva will be of great interest to you. This all new line of novelty gadgets combines a small thumbdrive with enough precious gems that warrant a psychological evaluation for anyone who is seriously considering purchasing one.

All three models are functional works of modern art. When viewed as art, the $32,000 asking price is actually more appealing. Basically, what Shawish has created is three semi-practical Mushroom shaped pieces of jewellery each of which house a 32GB USB key inside. To access the drive, you would simply hold the device by its stalk and gently flip the mushroom top over on to its side. This reveals the typical USB port and the rest is rather obvious.

However, while a cubic zirconium or even semi-precious stone encrusted drive could possibly make sense, Shawish has not opted for ‘semi’ anything. In fact, the entire line-up consists of massive amounts of rubysapphire, or diamonds combined with copious amounts of either yellow, pink or white 18K gold. There are not details on the actual performance of these new devices, but we doubt anyone who purchases one will actually subject these to daily abuse.

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