20 July 2011, Comments: 5

 July 2011         Anthony Garland

Leave it to the same company that helped not only create the “Swiss Army Knife” but create enough (and market enough) variation on the theme to satisfy any potential customer, to create a dual-wielding USB thumb drive. While the Slim Duo is not the first dual thumb drive inside a single body we have heard of (the Split Stick gets this honour), it is the first that actually looks down right cool. The reason it looks so cool is not the flash drives themselves, but it is the overall design makes it look like a Swiss Army knife – one that is TSA approved for carry on planes.

Not only did Victorinox make it look like one of the original Swiss Army Knives, they also have made it actually practical. The metal body which houses the two swing out 64GB thumb drives is made from metal and should offer more than enough protection. Coupled with the fact that it is as portable as any small knife, the Victorinox Slim Duo is pretty much perfect for on the go consumers. If you are a more single flash drive kind of guy, the Victorinox Slim will satisfy you as it is very similar to the Slim Duo but only has one flash drive attached instead of two. The other difference is while the Slim Duo will only come in one size – 64GB x 2, the Slim will come in a range of capacities (4GB to 64GB). Too bad none of these models comes with USB 3.0; otherwise, it would have been perfect.

While the Slim Duo includes two flash drives (and the Slim only one), it does so at the expense of actual knifes. In fact, the only blades of this Swiss-made tool are the flash drive bodies themselves. So while it is practical for all us geeky tech lovers, it is not a practical replacement for your SpyderCo or Benchmade (etc., etc.) everyday carry folding knife. The Victorinox Slim and Slim Duo are now available online with prices ranging from $39.99 (4GB Slim) to $349.99 for the 128GB Slim Duo.

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