USB Greenhouse for Your Sunless Cubicle

5 August 2007
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Author: Ian Chiu
5 August 2007, Comments: 0

If fresh or faux flowers sitting on your desk just aren’t good enough, you might want to grow your own flowers at your desk. That’s right this USB Greenhouse from Dream Cheeky lets you grow your own plants. The greenhouse even includes marigold seeds to get you started.

Artificial soil is included as well for planting your marigold seeds. Software is included with the greenhouse that you install on your Windows PC that allows you to monitor the growth rate of your plants and the software features a calendar, wallpaper and bookmark settings. An artificial sun lamp that is height adjustable allows the plants to grow in places with no sunlight. The gadget measures in at 9 x 6.5 x 6.5 inches and is available now for $19.99. So when you aren’t shooting foam missiles at your co-workers or honing your piano skills, you should also have this to grow some fresh flowers in your sunless cubicle.