9 July 2010, Comments: 0

 July 2010         Ian Chiu

If only this came out a few years back, when AOL was still relevant. One look at this and the “You’ve got Mail” wav comes screeching back into our memories. Brando offers this red USB mailbox that looks like your systray is trying to blink its way out of your computer. It’s a gumball sized USB device that’s shaped like a classic red mailbox. It can check for new emails and let you know when you’ve got new mail by lighting up for you. You can also set it to change colors based on which account you have new messages on. It will even tell you how many messages you have with a color scale system. Much better than loud clanging. It’s also small enough to be left plugged in on a traveling laptop without much worry about it getting caught on something or needing a cord.

The software looks to be very easy to configure and will check email on dozens of the most popular web and server mail systems. You can assign different colors to each mail box so you know exactly which accounts have something new for you. Even FaceBook and other social networking messaging systems are support. God forbid you stopping checking FB for 30 seconds. This would be great for kids and grandparents that aren’t already net-addicted. Pick it up now at Brando’s online shop for $18.