11 June 2009, Comments: 0

 June 2009         Ian Chiu

The lines between household appliances and offbeat gadgetry seem to be getting slowly blurred with inventions such as USB fridge and massager. But have we gone too far with USB gadgets? This USB microwave oven co-developed by Heinz and GAMMA is actually a working prototype that uses phone radio frequencies to produce heat for cooking the food (tomato beans in this case, as shown in the picture).

Heinz strongly believes there’s a market for this as there is unfortunately no shortage of workaholics who have to spend their lunch time working in their cubicles and as USB ports nowadays are more readily available than electrical outlets. So, this computer-tethered microwave – already given a name, Beanzawave – could help with lunch preparation.

The miniaturized USB microwave reportedly only works with Heinz’s “Snap Pots”. Let’s hope the food selection isn’t limited to pre-cooked beans. Some sources say a retail Beanzawave unit will cost as much as $200. If so, Heinz may want to consider giving away a bunch of “Snap Pots” since its customers aren’t likely able to afford the food after bringing the microwave home.