30 March 2014
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Entry-level Drobo is Back with USB 3.0 and Faster Rebuild Time

30 March 2014, Comments: 0

Drobo external RAID-like storage has been around since 2007, and it has received numerous upgrades, each one more expensive than last as the company ventures […]

20 March 2014
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WD My Passport USB 3.0 Drive Turns your Smart TV into a DVR

20 March 2014, Comments: 0

The all new Western Digital My Passport AV-TV could not have come at a more opportune time as smart TV’s which have the ability […]

7 March 2014
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Aleratec Duplicator Copies 16 Drives at USB 3.0 Speed On the Go

7 March 2014, Comments: 0

For the average consumer, manually copying files to a flash drive is more than good enough. Even in those rare instances of having to […]

13 February 2014
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Sandisk’s Mammoth 128GB USB 3.0 Drive Comes at a Premium

13 February 2014, Comments: 0

128GB thumb drives have finally reached mainstream with the recent announcement of the SanDisk Extreme Pro. Its fairly compact form factor – measuring at […]

21 January 2014
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Seagate’s Speedy 4TB Portable Drive Matches Desktop Drive Capacity

21 January 2014, Comments: 2

For long, Western Digital and Toshiba has stayed in the lead with their 2TB offerings for USB drives and now, Seagate has finally retaken […]

7 January 2014
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With Sphere, Is LaCie Thinking in Circles or Outside the Box?

7 January 2014, Comments: 0

LaCie has made quite the reputation for themselves by creating unique and aesthetically pleasing devices. Whether this is from entirely in-house designs or via collaborations with Porsche or […]

10 October 2013
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LaCie Porsche USB Key Makes a Owning ‘Porsche’ Affordable

10 October 2013, Comments: 1

Both LaCie and Porsche have well deserved reputations for building aesthetically pleasing but highly functional devices. Since 2011, these two designers joined forces to create the […]

18 September 2013
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German-made USB 3.0 SSD Built with Speed and Style in Mind

18 September 2013, Comments: 0

For highly discerning consumers who find even LaCie to be too bland for their tastes, the all new Brinell Drive SSD from Germany may […]

16 September 2013
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Lexar’s Modular USB 3.0 Card Readers Rule

16 September 2013, Comments: 0

Lexar has always been on the cutting edge of technology and when it comes to helping professional and budding photographers alike get work done, […]

15 August 2013
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Mushkin Ventura Ultra Impresses with Jaw-dropping SuperSpeed USB Power

15 August 2013, Comments: 0

At this year’s Flash Summit, Mushkin showcased their all new Ventura Ultra USB 3.0 flash drives, and they certainly caused a stir amongst attendees. […]

20 July 2013
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USB 3.0 Pico Drive is Bigger on the Inside than on the Outside

20 July 2013, Comments: 0

Ask any tablet owner in need of additional storage and they will tell you that ‘miniaturized’ USB flash drives have been around for some […]

15 July 2013
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ForgetBox’s Plug Cloud Made to Assimilate All Your Files

15 July 2013, Comments: 2

The all new kickstarter ‘Plug’ project by Forgetbox is easily one of the most ambitious ideas we have heard of in a long time. The Plug […]

20 May 2013
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WD My Passport Ultra Brings the Cloud to WD’s USB 3.0 Drive

20 May 2013, Comments: 0

Western Digital, as one of the few external drive companies who actually make their own equipment, has always been on the cutting edge in […]

7 May 2013
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OWC Envoy Pro EX SSD Breaks New USB 3.0 Speed Record

7 May 2013, Comments: 0

OWC, a company best known for their line of Apple accessories, has just released their all new Envoy Pro EX line of flash-based USB 3.0 drives. […]

5 April 2013
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Super Talent RC4 – Faster Flash Drive for Windows To Go

5 April 2013, Comments: 0

Super Talent’s Express line of USB 3.0 flash drives have been perennial favorites of consumers since its inception. The original Express was one of […]