3 March 2013, Comments: 0

 March 2013         Anthony Garland

As the name suggests, the Thanko USB UV Air Purifier plugs directly into any free USB powered port on your computer to clean the surround air of dirt and odours. Like most these air purifiers, the Thanko consists mainly of a 2 speed small fan with a number of thin filters that air is sucked through. However, USB fans are not known for their great CFM (cubic feet per minute) so don’t expect it to work all that fast. The air purifier does employ a six layer filter design capable of tapping particles as small as .3 micrometers. Which means it should do a fairly adequate job of keeping the air in your cubicle fresh and clean.

Interestingly enough, this purifier also has a built in ionizer. Whether or not you believe in the mood enhancing abilities of ionized air, one thing negative ions are great for is capturing dirt and allergens. So health benefits aside, this feature should help boost the abilities of this nifty little device. To further helping to clean the air, the Thanko also includes a UV light that can kill bacteria and germs. All things considered, this $65 device may not be able to clean a 20×20 room, but it does sound like it could help your immediate computer environment be a touch healthier.

The only real issue is that it is a Thanko device; like its hairbrush, butt cooler and eye warmer, finding the purifier outside of Asia is going to be difficult. However, if this sounds like a gadget you just have to have, it is available on their website. Just expect shipping and duties to cost as much as it does.