15 June 2012, Comments: 0

 June 2012         Ian Chiu

Summer is here and Thanko as usual has introduced yet another new member to its arsenal of USB coolers. Here, we are looking at perhaps the first USB foot cooler that is meant to keep your sweaty feet dry and and cool. Thanko has managed to put together something that pumps air through a 33mm long tube using a 2-speed tubular fan. The tube would go into your shoe or sock.

One of the pictures on Thanko’s site reveals the same tube can go under your arm to stop armpit sweating. We have a strong feeling the $26 USB foot cooler is going to be big hit when exhausting cubicle workers in Japan have already tried everything from necktie and butt cooler in humid and hot season.

All these gadgets exist in the first place because of the ongoing nationwide power saving efforts in Japan. Corporations there are encouraged to maintain building temperatures at 82 degrees Fahrenheit. While this energy conservation campaign is good for the planet and at the same time reduces electric bills, it might just be too hard on the bodies for some. Office workers have since come up with creative ways to stay cool.