6 December 2013, Comments: 0

 December 2013         Anthony Garland

While it may look like a helmet from the movie TRON, the latest crazy gadget from Thanko is, in fact, a USB-powered head massager. As the name suggests this 434g plastic helmet looking device is in fact a massager that wraps around your head and applies vibration therapy to the various pressure points on your forehead and scalp.

To power the built-in vibratory engines, all a user need do is either install 3 AAA batteries or simply plug the helmet into a free USB port. Since heads come in different sizes, the massager is height adjustable so as to fit as many different head as possible. Additionally, the intensity of the vibrations is customizable via the integrated dial so as to help create the perfect scalp massage.

The reason you would want to actually wear this downright odd looking device while at work is very simple: a lot of headaches are stress or tension related and if you can relax the muscles in your head you can reduce the pain of the headache. So if you are a hardworking ‘Salaryman’ who can’t take time off from work to visit a masseuse, the $30 USB head massager helmet may just be the next best thing. Of course, if your cubicle is not Japan, you may have to secure special shipping as Thanko is only selling it overseas at this time.