19 January 2009, Comments: 1

 January 2009         Ian Chiu

Snacks stop getting refilled in the break room? Your boss has coincidentally asked everyone to list all of their current responsibilities? Your 401k looks more like an 001k and the execs are spending a lot of time in locked door meetings? Now the big client’s website has just gone down. Don’t freak out, let it out. Everyone needs a way to let off stress from time to time. Unfortunately, those little gel balls don’t squeal when you squeeze them and those little whack-a-moles don’t cry or do anything truly wrath-satisfying when you need it.

Dreamcheeky has something to help try and get your blood pressure just a little bit lower. The USB Stress Ball offers 2 more dimensions to vent your fury. This stress toy offers more than just a punching game you can strangle, smash, squeeze and twist it and see your power with some onscreen feedback of your strength and rage. It has a 4 ft. cord so you should be able to get it a safe distance from your innocent bystander peripherals. So, if an hour of Halo isn’t enough to calm your nerves plug one of these in before that big vein in your head pops.

  • Ant

    No native Mac OS X software? :(

    I installed USB Stress Ball’s CD-ROM software v1.0 to a very old, updated Dell OEM Windows XP Pro. SP3 test machine and rebooted as requested. I ran the software and tried the games and photo.

    It is lame. I am disappointed. :(