10 July 2012, Comments: 3

 July 2012         Ian Chiu

For those who are glued to their computer screen all day, it could get irritating seeing alerts windows popping up all over when you are in the middle of something important. Wouldn’t be nice if you have one simple status light that gives you notifications of only the things you care about? This is where blink comes in. blink is a tiny USB light dongle with a tiny HID controller inside that receives instructions from bundled open-source Windows, Mac or Linux software. With its cross-platform compatibility, you can install this in any environment.

The light itself is one RGB LED with adjustable brightness, pattern and color. So you could program blink glowing in blue based on Twitter user post or keyword search while flashing in amber red when something is wrong with one of the rack mount servers. blink’s developers touted their USB light as hackable as you want it to be. Just imagine if you fill a 12-port hub with blinks. You could say the possibilities are endless. KickStarter is helping with the fundraising campaign for the blink so if you want one or more USB lights, it’s time to pledge.

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